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We provide the solution so you can
provide the Convenience - at a profit!
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Software Solution

Our software provides dealers with a system to manage and administer mobile service between remote customers and the dealership. It also manages the technicians day; scheduling, routing, RO & MPI.

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Mobile Service Bay

Our innovative "MOBILE SERVICE BAY" allows dealers to safely and efficiently perform routine maintenance at the customer's home or place of business.


In today’s automotive service environment, we are helping dealerships & OEMs create a unique experience for their customers by going to them for automotive maintenance care and service.

- The OES Company

Mobile Service Made Easy

Mobile service units
Mobile service units


Set Appointments

Our software enables you to set appointments and identify existing customers and/or establish a new customer. Appointment dates & times are optimized based on RO and service locations.

Efficient Auto Routing

The built-in GPS and mapping generates routes to the service location and auto-adjusts according to local traffic conditions.

Electronic MPI

Our software allows you to perform a multi-point inspection (MPI) on-site and review with the customer. You can also take photographs or videos and send them to your customer or team.

Communication with Customer

Reminders are automatically sent to the customer providing them with the details of their appointment. It includes a link that provides real time updates regarding the technicians arrival on the day of service.

Cost Efficient & Profitable

Our system, both software and hardware, are cost efficient and built to maximize your profits by servicing customers that may not routinely return to dealership. We provide the solution so you can provide the convenience - at a profit!


Auto Repair & Maintenance ANYWHERE

With our state-of-the-art MOBILE SERVICE BAYS, you can provide a new type of convenience for your customers by going to them for their required maintenance and mobile service.

Mobile Service Bay with Hydraulic Lift System

Our MOBILE SERVICE BAYS hydraulic lift allows for a safe and efficient way to lift the vehicle rather than using a floor jack. This greatly simplifies the process for rotating tires and changing the oil filter. Oil is extracted pneumatically through the dipstick into the waste oil tank and refilled in the same manner with fresh oil.

Our innovative lay-flat design allows you to lower the MOBILE SERVICE BAY to the ground from the trailer hitch.

Built Durable & Long Lasting

Our MOBILE SERVICE BAY we have custom made are built with the best materials and innovative technologies to ensure the safety of both your technicians and your customer's property. Each lift is put through rigorous testing to make sure it is up to our high standard and satisfaction.
Mobile service units


Set Customer Appointment

Set customers appointments for mobile service, pick-up & delivery and even for recalls, warranty & campaigns. The system will then register the appointment time and date.

Identify Existing and/or Establish New Customer

Customers can easily be identified or if new, added to the database. Each customer can also have multiple service locations; home or business.

Create Daily Routing

After dispatching, the technician selects their daily routes that include all pertinent RO details and streamlines the day.

Arrive At Customer

Upon arrival the technician can perform electronic MPIs and/or the required service and then review with the customer via their mobile device or via text with pictures.

Complete Service

Once the service is done the technician can capture the customer's signature and sign-off of service completed.

Complete Day

After the technicians day is complete the system will generate a report which details number of services performed, percent completed & most common services & prices.



Auto Mobile Service

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Auto Mobile Service

The OES Company, Inc. introduced a new Mobile Service Bay

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WBENC Certification

The OES Company , Inc. a business specializing in Dealership Mobile Service, is proud to announce national certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Council - Southwest, a regional certifying partner of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).